The look and feel of the campaign was developed to use an illustration style to capture the feeling of warmth in the summer and to sell the destinations, rather than the travel.

The original family of Citybus characters were extended by introducing a new generation to attract a new audience. Iconic location graphics promoted new and exciting destinations that could be reached by travelling with Citybus.

With a tight deadline and in depth technical specifications for the scale of the campaign Bluestone’s project management expertise ensured the advert was launched on time.

The campaign’s impact resulted in a passenger growth of 21%, and revenue growth of 9%.

With the Sky TV advert achieving 92,000 impressions and YouTube 1,537 views.

With these impressive results, its success meant the offer was extended.

“Bluestone developed an idea and brought it to life. For us it was our first venture into TV advertising, using a targeted cost effective platform. The creative needed to have impact on TV but also have a clear message on a number of printed materials. I believe Bluestone captured a creative that worked across all platforms, allowing the campaign to have a look and feel that was recognisable no matter what format it was seen in.”
Mark Collins 
Marketing and Commercial Manager, Plymouth Citybus

If you haven’t seen the advert, then give it a watch!

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