Along with our partners and a number of successful food and drink clients, the day was structured to enable them to present case studies about how they have created growth and achieved business goals.

This lead onto the principal objective to discuss challenges and aspirations of all those involved with the team of gathered experts to create realistic plans for growth.

If you would like to find out more please join the group on LinkedIn.

“The seminar and it’s content was excellent, with very useful sessions about ‘Changing Consumers, Creative Intelligence for Brand’ and ‘What to do and what not to do in Sales Promotion and Comparative Advertising’.”
Robert Gray
Business Director, Compass Group

“I had a good overall experience at a great venue. I particularly enjoyed the talk on ‘Changing Customers’ and the case study on ‘Ministry of Cake’. I’d like to see more of the same at the next event.”
Debbie Tucker
Finance Director – Lefktro UK Ltd.

“I really enjoyed the talks on ‘Creative Intelligence for Brand, Trade and Shopper Marketing’ and ‘Changing Customers’ but also found ‘Financing Growth & Managing Risks’ relevant to me, and very helpful.”
Hannah Fleming
General Manager – Plymouth Tea

“Bond Dickinson provided some great information about social media ‘ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and NatWest an equally great talk on ‘Financing Growth’.”
Philip Ugalde
Chairman – Proper Cornish

“I had a very enjoyable and informative day at Bovey Castle, a beautiful location. I enjoyed all the different areas of the seminar but particularly the presentation by Blustone360 on Brand, Trade and Shopper Marketing. I’d like to see more on vision and strategy at the next one.”
Jane Quicke
Strategy/Vision – Quickes Cheese

“An exceptional seminar with some great information from some excellent speakers.”
Fiona Webster
Business Development Manager – Crepe Cuisine

“I’d like to see some more information about engaging with wholesalers and strategy. I’m interested in brand building so found the case study by Jeremy French on ‘Ministry of Cake’ an excellent session.”
Ali Tyler
Marketing Director – Lefktro UK Ltd.

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