Modern marketing is here (just Google the phrase) and no company, however large or small can afford to get left behind!

We want these sessions to be as useful as possible for you and your business, so before the meeting we will ask you to send us some background information on issues that you would like to discuss. We’d recommend setting aside 3 hours for the session here at Bluestone360. If you feel it’s a good time to have a digital discussion please contact our MD, Steve Kyffin, to arrange a date/time to suit.

The session will include:

  • A little bit about Bluestone360: our people, clients, services and processes
  • A discussion about digital marketing, its constituent elements and how they influence business
  • A little bit about your company and what makes it tick
  • A consultation session exploring the digital business challenges and opportunities with relevance to your own situation
  • After the meeting we’ll send you some initial ideas to help you develop a strong digital marketing presence

Get in touch via:
or telephone 01752 700777

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