We were recently invited to experience a V.I.P behind the scenes tour. The team were super excited to learn what’s involved in keeping 4,000 living creatures happy and healthy.

Our tour started with panoramic views across Sutton Harbour with a glass of fizz to start us on our way. Our guide Helen was incredibly knowledgeable and explained in depth how much work goes into maintaining the habitats for all the species.

Amongst other facts, we learnt that an aquarium is much more than just a glass tank with water and fish. It is a fragile microhabitat where fish, plants, invertebrates, and microorganisms live together in a delicate balance.

We were intrigued by ‘the Husbandry room’ where any unwell species are taken and nursed back to health.

This is vital to the NMA team as the nearest marine vet (1 of 4 in the UK) is based in Leeds!

We are passionate about working with the NMA so it was great to see our designs on display throughout the aquarium.

If you’d like to know how they clean the nation’s biggest tank, how they feed the sharks and rays, and how they perform surgery on their animals book your tour now, we highly recommend it: http://www.national-aquarium.co.uk/explore/special-adventures/behind-scenes-tours/

Thanks to the NMA Team!

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