We are excited to announce that we’re now offering PR as an additional service to our clients.

Integration is so hugely important with any well-crafted, creative campaign these days. It genuinely makes the difference having people from different disciplines working together with single focuses and goals. This is probably the best way of achieving real value for money when planning campaigns because it means that no part of the full marketing process becomes an after-thought. To achieve that, you need those creative people from the differing disciplines, all under one roof. 

The old way of working (back in the day) was that the design team did their thing, then the ad agencies did theirs and then the PR team ‘mopped up’ and all while the client watched on, probably paying a small fortune for it. What it meant was that no one really worked together with a common aim and everyone spent their lives protecting their own budget from the other parts of the team.

Fortunately, those days are gone and mainly because media itself has become so much more integrated and audiences have changed enormously meaning that marketing messages today pop up from everywhere, not just the ITV ad break, right in the middle of Corrie. 

So, you could argue that with the full-service agency approach, PR is the last part of the jigsaw to come in-house but the truth is slightly more complicated than that because actually, nobody knows what’s around the corner when it comes to marketing and technological developments.

So now, when it comes to energising your brand, we can genuinely offer fully integrated campaigns and ultimately, that’s the most cost effective way of implementing marketing plans in the modern era.

If you are interested in how we might be able to help your brand in this truly integrated way, then please feel free to contact our Managing Director, Steve Kyffin steve@bluestone360.co.uk, not to be confused with our Creative Director, Steve Watson stevew@bluestone360.co.uk, although you can contact him too if you like.

Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and call us on 01752 700777. 

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