Whilst social media isn’t the only form of digital marketing, arguably it is becoming one of the most important marketing tools there is.

Basically, social media is important. Full stop.

A recent survey has said that 62% of consumers want companies to stand up for the issues they are passionate about and 66% of consumers think transparency is one of a brand’s most attractive qualities. [1]

So, tell your brand story and show the world who you are using the power of social media.

Build Brand Awareness

Being present on social media will enable you to get your brand out there and tell your story. If people don’t know who you are, then how will they become a customer?

These days people look to social media to find out about your business – to look at your photos, read real reviews and even see where you’re located. So if you’re not there, you bet they’ll just find somewhere or someone else to go to!

But, you don’t want to be on any and every platform just for the sake of it. Identify your target audience, and then find out where they like to hang out – it might just be Facebook, or it might also include Instagram and Twitter and so on.

It’s Cost Effective 

Social media is one of the, if not the most, cost effective marketing tools out there – even when using paid advertising. Not only can you start with nothing other than your time and effort, but you can see real time statistics telling you what is and isn’t working.

Traditional marketing, such as an advert in a brochure, can be expensive and hard to gather and measure results accurately. With social media, you can start with as little amount as you wish and it’s much easier to measure. Another benefit is that it unfolds in real time, meaning you can change what you’re doing almost instantly.

Humanising The Brand 

Being ‘authentic’ has definitely been a thing this year. It’s one of those buzzwords you either love or hate. But, even if you hate it, it’s kind of true. People like to see the authenticity behind a brand name.

Let your brand’s personality come through and let people know that you’re not a robot. People aren’t interested in bland, salesy posts, they want emotion and things that they can relate to. Once people get behind a brand, they then tend to become a loyal customer.

Image above is from one of our clients, The Kernow Sausage Company.

Build Brand Engagement & Loyalty

Social media is a two way thing…you can have actual conversations with your ideal audience and get real time feedback from them – which is important information. After all, it doesn’t have ‘social’ in the name for no reason.

People like to feel part of a community, so creating an environment where they feel valued is key. Engaging with your customers will help build trust which will lead to brand loyalty and customer retention.

Building Brand Communities 

As a recent report suggests, the days of influencer marketing are dying. It’s not seen as genuine and is no longer trusted which reflects on the brands who are still using it as part of their marketing strategy. This comes as no surprise to us as we have always advocated that brands should stay true to their brand values.

We know brands are looking to be more authentic and influencers no longer cut it. Engaging a small, loyal community is worth so much more than an expensive celebrity endorsing your product or service.

People are now favouring organic and engaged communities full of like minded people about a brand they genuinely love – it’s about building a strong brand community.

Read about one of our clients, Jake & Nayns’.

So what are you waiting for? 

Whether you have a small or large budget, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be on social media. With our clients we focus on the passions and values that drive the brand, and then let the story follow, whilst building a brand community.

If you need that helping hand with your brand’s social media, then we’d be happy to have a chat over a cuppa…or a coffee, whatever you prefer.

Get in touch.

Call us: 01752 700777 and ask for Steve or Steve*

*Steve Watson is our Creative Director and Steve Kyffin is our Managing Director

[1] http://bit.ly/BS360Reference

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