Cherry Tree Farm

Creating a new national brand for Tulip

The Challenge

The Tulip marketing team had identified an opportunity for a new range of sliced cooked meats aimed at the multiple shopper. The intention was to target busy mums with young children who needed quick, easy and nutritious meal solutions. Initially, there were to be seven SKU’s within the range, all ready to eat and made with 100% British turkey or chicken. The company asked Bluestone360 to work with them to create this new brand from scratch.


This is a crowded marketplace and it was important that the new brand should stand out as being fresh and different. We knew we had to appeal strongly to mums, convey the fact that these were good quality products, while also communicating that the range was very quick and easy to use. Although a new brand, the range had to demonstrate that this was a trustworthy brand with an interesting story to tell, with the important reassurance of being made with 100% British meats. We therefore set about crafting a unique brand story for the range.

Design solutions

We organised a name generation day with the client, which provided a wide range of potential new brand names to choose from. Tulip eventually settled on a preferred brand name for the range: Cherry Tree Farm. The name was different from any competitor offerings, appealed to our target audience, and the country values helped to reinforce the 100% British message.

For the pack design, we used a woodcut style of imagery with stylised images of farmyard animals, tractors and farm buildings. This positioned the range as being a family brand for everyday use, while also reinforcing the message of being made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Simple, bold colour coding was used to distinguish the different varieties within the range, with the Union Jack featuring prominently within the design. This approach also made it possible to develop impactful shelf merchandising for the range. From this design, we then created a detailed set of Brand Guidelines for the Tulip marketing team, to ensure a consistent approach across all of the brand’s communications.

We created a microsite for the new brand, to showcase the range and provide information on ingredients and nutrition, but also to encourage mums to join us on Facebook and Twitter, to develop their relationship with the brand. We also devised and launched a national PR campaign targeting the top women’s magazines in the UK.

We identified a clear theme for all our social media activity: “Family meals without the fuss!” This has enabled us to position Cherry Tree Farm as a brand that understand the needs of busy mums and is always coming up with useful suggestions for quick meals that they can prepare that their children will love. This has proved to be a very engaging campaign, with consumers regular posting their own ideas and recipe suggestions that they have been inspired to create. The competitions that we run and the stories that we share all help to give mums practical advice to keep their kids happy, ranging from novel lunchbox recipes, quick meals and snacks, right through to ideas to keep their children entertained during the holidays.

As part of our digital strategy, we created a special Blogger Pack which we sent to some of the top mummy bloggers in the UK. This contained all of the seven launch varieties in the range and we challenged each of the bloggers to come up with seven meal ideas that could each be prepared in seven minutes. This approach has yielded some very positive reviews of the range online, as well as a rich variety of new content which we can publicise through our social media channels.

All of this activity has combined to give Cherry Tree Farm the feel of well-established brand in a relatively short space of time.


The Cherry Tree Farm brand was successfully launched and is now available nationally through Cooperative stores. Since launch, the Tulip marketing team have been able to extend the range and discussions are in progress with other retailers in order to increase national distribution.

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