Getting retailers to bite

Halo Foods came to Bluestone360 back in June 2015 with an innovative new product for children – dried fruit with oats in handy, bite-sized pieces – that they wanted to launch as part of their Harvest Cheweee range.

The challenge with this project was to communicate that the product was a healthier alternative to more indulgent treats and cereal bars, whilst still making it appealing to children and maintaining the Harvest Cheweee brand message throughout.

Bluestone360 began by reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the original Harvest Cheweee packaging, before going on to conducting a competitive analysis and producing moodboards of successful products and category leaders.

We then developed two pathways – one to make the new product a distinct and ownable sub-brand and one to blend it in with the existing range. Once the more subtle branded approach had been chosen, we finally developed three SKUs for the three flavours (Cocoa Licious, Very Berry and Banana Tastic), which eventually became the final designs.

Very Berry has since been listed in Tesco and Harvest Cheweee is in conversation with other retailers

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