Creating a digital strategy for a unique energy saving scheme

The Challenge

The CosyDevon scheme is run by E.ON in partnership with Devon County Council and the nine district councils in Devon. Launched in 2014, the scheme aims to help people in Devon to save energy and money by insulating their homes. There are subsidies available to homeowners, tenants and landlords and some people can qualify to have this work done completely free.

The key objectives were to create awareness of CosyDevon across the target audience and to encourage as many people as possible to phone to request a free assessment to see if they were eligible for the scheme.

Bluestone360 was appointed as part of a multi-agency team to deliver the project, and our specific area of focus was to create and execute the digital strategy for CosyDevon.


There were a number of key insights that underpinned our digital strategy:

We knew that the messaging had to be simple, direct and unintimidating for our target audience. We had to be very clear about the benefits of the scheme and make it easy to understand and easy for consumers to apply.

In our messaging we had to take account of the different needs of householders versus landlords, and ensure that it was easy for both groups to access the information that they needed.

In order to keep our messaging topical and relevant, we adopted a seasonal approach, with different aspects of the scheme being highlighted in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Digital Solutions

We created and easy to understand website, which was very simple to navigate and incorporated a very quick application process. Photography and infographics were used to educate the consumer about the benefits and cost-savings they could receive by taking simple steps to insulate their home properly. There were a range of educational hints and tips which helped consumers to understand how their actions affect their fuel consumption and heating bills, all delivered in a clear, concise and appealing way to generate interest and involvement in the scheme. The site made it very straightforward for people to access the key information they needed, whether they were homeowners, private tenants or landlords. All our other digital activity was designed to drive traffic to this site and prompt people to register their interest, so that the CosyDevon team could follow up on these prospects.

We created a company Facebook page for CosyDevon which had a number of benefits in addition to the main site. It allowed us to establish a dialogue with consumers and provided a forum in which they could raise any questions about the scheme. It allowed us further communication of the key messages and benefits of the scheme, while also giving the opportunity to reflect any topical issues about home heating that were being reported in national media. It helped to improve the SEO performance of the main site and reinforce the above the line advertising activity. We created new content for the Facebook page and ensured that it was regularly refreshed.

We devised a tightly-targeted digital advertising campaign for CosyDevon, which took advantage of a number of cost-effective digital channels. These included Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Facebook advertising campaigns, advertising on the websites for the key Devon media titles, and a presence on the local websites for relevant communities such as Gumtree and Landlordzone.

Throughout the process, we have supported CosyDevon with detailed analysis of the campaign’s performance, using Google Analytics and other digital analysis tools.


The launch of CosyDevon received very wide media coverage across Devon and has been very well received by consumers and by local opinion leaders. Within nine months of the official launch, 2,300 energy saving measure had been installed in homes across Devon.

Under the hood

The Process

  • Audience personas and segmentation
  • Interactive wireframing
  • UX journeys
  • Training and support

The Build

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Responsive
  • Google analytics
  • Search engine optimised
  • W3C compliant
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