Foot Anstey

A strategic rebrand for a leading law firm

The Challenge

Foot Anstey is one of the largest law firms outside of London, providing specialist legal advice to businesses and to individuals. The company wanted to rebrand its identity and communications, in order to compete more effectively on the national stage and distinguish itself from its key competitors. Foot Anstey appointed Bluestone360 after we recommended a rigorous process based on four key stages:

1. A comprehensive audit of all the company’s current communications;

2. Internal and external research to identify the company’s core strengths;

3. Defining the company’s Brand DNA;

4. Translating this into a creative idea and new brand identity.


We discovered that the company was using a diverse range of styles in its communications, leading to an inconsistent and confused image which was not doing justice to its real strengths. The way that the logo was designed was generic and very similar to its competitors, which was not helping it to stand out in the marketplace as a leader.

When we conducted research with internal and external stakeholders, we found that Foot Anstey had many positive attributes it could build upon. It had strong expertise, engaged well with its clients and was supportive, progressive and determined. However, these messages were not being delivered strongly and effectively enough due to its inconsistent communications.

We devised a new Brand DNA for Foot Anstey which demonstrated the full potential of the business. The company’s ability to be exceptionally proactive and to genuinely ‘walk the talk’ was captured in a new brand essence: “Actions Speak Louder”.

Design Solutions

The company’s logo was redesigned in a more contemporary style, and placed within a red block to reflect the confidence and progressiveness of the firm.

The bold red colour was used throughout the company’s design language, to provide strength and consistency and to give a much contemporary and passionate feel to all the company’s communications.

In order to bring to life the key message of “Actions Speak Louder”, we used impactful photography of dancers, people who literally communicate with their actions. This was a major departure for a law firm which made them unique from their competitors in their visual approach. This helped to dramatically convey the energy and dynamism of the company and the outstanding efforts it makes to deliver excellent customer service.

We worked alongside Foot Anstey to help present the new approach to all their internal teams and to help ensure it was implemented effectively across the whole business.

The rebranding was executed across all the company’s key communications including a new multi-layered website, literature, brochures, business cards, exhibitions and powerpoint presentations. We provided comprehensive Brand Guidelines for the business teams to make sure that this new approach was delivered consistently into the future.

This was a real step change for the company. Over the last five years, Foot Anstey’s turnover has increased by 35 percent, which is an exceptional performance in a challenging economic environment.

Client Feedback

“We spent considerable time and effort selecting the right business partner for our rebranding exercise. We selected Bluestone360 based on their suggested approach which placed greater emphasis on truly understanding what we do, who we are and on finding the idea inside.”

Richard Gardiner
Business & Development Director, Foot Anstey

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