Bringing the quality of Lovingtons Ice Cream to life

The Challenge

Lovingtons is a specialist ice cream company based near Castle Cary in Somerset. To date, their range had been sold mainly in the local area, through scooping parlours and specialist outlets.

The owners of Lovingtons felt that the look and feel of the brand did not do justice to the excellent quality of the products, which are made with fresh double cream, hand-crafted, and using the finest quality ingredients. They also wanted to use the relaunch to take the brand to a much wider audience.


In our strategy review with the Lovingtons team, it was identified that most of their competitors follow one of two positioning routes. The first is to portray themselves as ‘country’ foods, typically featuring farms, cows and green fields. The second approach is to adopt a more ‘American’ feel, emphasising exotic flavour combinations and executed in a more modern graphic style.

To stay true to their authentic roots and to appeal to a more adult, discerning audience, Lovingtons wanted to differentiate themselves by communicating the Englishness of the brand, with a more calm and understated style of presentation. This led us to create a new DNA for the brand, built around the brand essence of ‘A Rather English Ice Cream.’

Design Solutions

There are many different ways of portraying classic English quality. So we developed a range of contrasting mood boards exploring nostalgic Englishness from years gone by. (In conversation with the client, one of the starting points was the style of a classic 1932 Bentley!)

For each of the mood boards we created, we quickly developed colour scamps showing how they could be translated into design styles for the brand. From this process, one particular route stood out as being distinctive, relevant and communicating all the right quality cues for Lovingtons, which was an Art Deco theme.

The theme has allowed us to create a range of innovative and appealing designs, with a character and feel that evoke a period of time when many other classic English products were invented. It fits perfectly with the Lovingtons values of quality and authenticity. It gives Lovingtons a presence which is impactful, distinctive and timeless. The design detailing helps to reflect the care and craftsmanship that goes into the products, while also allowing scope to communicate the character of the individual varieties within the Lovingtons range. We created custom made Art Deco patterns which relate to the various flavours within the range.


This new approach has created a unique brand language for Lovingtons which is now being implemented across packaging, point of sale, signage, advertising and a new company website.

Client Feedback

“Perfect agency, perfect location, perfect price – and always great work. You are better than most of the London agencies I’ve worked with.”

Chris Ormrod
Managing Director, Lovingtons

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