Riverford Organic Farms

Making the existing website responsive

The Challenge

Riverford Organic Farms Ltd approached Bluestone360 to take their existing website and make it fully mobile responsive. This was challenging as we needed to work with the existing website with its legacy code, the existing Content Management System and e-commerce system. Throughout the project we had to ensure that the live website was not adversely affected from a functional and customer perspective – customers had to be able to make orders and manage their accounts without any hiccups.

The Solution

Due to the size and complexity of the existing website it was decided to approach the project with an agile development methodology. Through discussions with the client we decided to split the project into 3 individual sprints. We wouldn’t move on to the next sprint before the first sprint had gone through a thorough quality assurance process, was robustly tested and had been pushed live.

The first sprint was dedicated to the homepage, navigation and menu; the second sprint to the account and all e-commerce pages of the website and the third sprint the remaining pages such as company information, franchise information and other ‘administrative’ content. Running this project in an agile way meant that we had sprint planning meetings before commencing each sprint – primarily to discuss and establish how we would approach the pages included in that sprint.

In addition, we had daily stand-up meetings with the client where the objectives for that day were agreed, whilst also having an opportunity for both parties to raise any issues. Clear communication was key to the success of this project from both our side and also from the client.

We also adopted different project management and bug tracking software such as SharePoint and Atlassian Jira to ensure that all elements of the project were being tracked and monitored.

Adopting an agile approach meant that the client and their key stakeholders could see results almost on a weekly basis.

Client Feedback

Bluestone helped us with a responsive skin for our site, the team were professional, honest and continued to give us great service through the whole project, which was delivered on time (even when we, the client, held them up) and to great quality, as a result we have seen customer engagement across mobile and tablet improve, which has positively affected our core KPIs.

Paul Symons

Head of Online

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