TH March

Creating a highly successful digital strategy for T.H. March

The Challenge

We have been working with T.H. March, specialist insurance brokers for the jewellery trade, for over 10 years. We established and rolled out the company’s brand identity. We started with our trademark Brand DNA sessions and from this developed the insurer’s brand language, image and internal voice.

In late 2014, T.H. March asked Bluestone360 to conduct a complete review of all their digital activity. They wanted to create a new digital strategy that would help drive the business forward in an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace.


We conducted a thorough audit of all of T.H. March’s digital activities and were able to build up a complete picture of the existing shopper journey – which elements were working currently and which needed to be made more effective. We were able to demonstrate how a number of key initiatives would be able to generate significant increases in revenue for T.H. March.

Digital Solutions

There were five key pillars to the new digital strategy that we recommended to T.H. March.

1. Building a brand presence beyond the website. We created a comprehensive social media presence for the brand across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. This allowed us to develop a community of brand followers, both consumers and trade, and to position T.H March as the leading specialist in its field. By starting and participating in social media conversations, the company could drive the agenda in its marketplace and substantially increase the inbound traffic to its website.

2. Creating a content strategy for the brand. Our content strategy was designed to build awareness of T.H. March, educate potential policy holders about the benefits of its products, and help to move leads along the path to purchase. We devised highly original content which brought to life the emotional impact of losing a precious item such as an engagement ring. This novel approach helped reinforce the company’s reputation and expertise. It also helped to directly generate new leads and to cross-sell existing customers.

3. Evolving the company website. We identified a number of ways in which we could improve the user experience, to increase the dwell time on the site and to make the process of requesting a quote or buying a policy simpler and more inviting. The content was improved and refreshed regularly and we improved the site functionality, making forms quicker and easier to complete. This was underpinned by new analytics to help the company track the ongoing performance of the new site.

4. Generating more traffic to the website. We utilised a number of effective routes to drive increased visits to the site. These included search engine marketing, using pay per click campaigns and ‘remarketing’, social media campaigns including Facebook ads, and advertising on third party sites with relevant content. Jewellers are an important source of business for T.H March, so we ran specific trade-targeted activity in order to drive up the number of direct referrals from this group.

5. Capturing and using buyer data more effectively. We worked with T.H March to ensure that the key data about prospects and buyers was captured via an opt-in database. This included a structured process to ensure that any leads were nurtured and progressed. There were significant improvements in the way in which the lead management process for T.H. March was carried out.


Within six months of the new strategy being implemented, visits to the T.H March website had increased by more than 50% and sales of online insurance policies have also increased.

The analysis tools we put in place have provided a wealth of useful new information about buyer activity which is helping the company to continuously fine-tune and improve its marketing activity.

Client Feedback

“Bluestone360 work to understand your business and create solutions that are relevant and appropriate. They are also very good at responding quickly when the need arises.”

Neil McFarlane
Managing Director, T.H. March

Under the hood

The Process

  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive wireframing
  • UX journeys
  • Product hierarchy exercise
  • Content ideas and development
  • Market Analysis
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Competitors analysis
  • Training and support

The Build

  • Expression Engine CMS
  • Responsive & Mobile optimised
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimised
  • E-commerce integration
  • W3C compliant code
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