The Lunch Club

Helping Tulip to seize a crucial opportunity in the sliced meats market

The Challenge

In early November 2013, the team at Tulip Ltd briefed us on an opportunity to create a brand of sliced meats that would be offered exclusively to Tesco for an initial two year period. If we could develop a brand concept that would excite the retailer, then the prize would be a national listing across the whole Tesco estate. The deadlines were challenging because, in order to achieve a Spring launch, the branding, range and design proposal needed to be presented to Tesco within a month.


We had been working alongside the Tulip team for over a year and already had a good grasp of consumer behaviour in this market. We knew that sandwich preparation would be a key driver of usage for the range and that, with a wide variety of SKU’s, we would need a design solution that would help consumers to navigate the range easily at point of sale.

Design solution

We quickly generated over 100 potential brand names for the range, out of which the option selected was ‘The Lunch Club’. This branding would help the range to stand out in the fixture, it accurately positioned the range in terms of its usage, communicated the quality of the products, and was also flexible enough to accommodate range extensions in the future – such as sliced cheeses.

For the brand logo, we developed a motif based around the flags that delicatessens often place on handmade sandwiches. This helped to unify the whole range and give the brand a fresh, contemporary feel.

Next, we mapped out the design language and typography for the entire range – a complex task as it had to accommodate traditional favourites and niche products such as World Flavours, while also making the tiering of the range clear for the shopper.

The whole brand approach was presented to Tesco at the end of November and in order to bring to life the full potential of the range, we created a life-size fixture showing how all the varieties would be merchandised to create maximum impact on shelf. We worked as part of the Tulip Foods team to present the brand proposal to Tesco.


In January 2014, Tesco confirmed they would be progressing with the launch and we successfully created over 40 new packaging artworks within a month, so that the launch was achieved on schedule. The Lunch Club brand range is now available in Tesco Stores across the country.

Client Feedback

“Bluestone360 work with us as an extension of our own team, to meet and exceed our ever changing and often challenging business needs.”

Steve Murrells
Chief Executive, Tulip

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