Blue Planet Berry Co. are UK farmers who grow and pack fruit. Their livelihood and future comes from the land, so they understand the importance of sustainability.

As well as growing their own fruit, they have developed their own plant based packaging. It is sustainable, clear, mechanically and chemically recyclable and industrially compostable.

We were asked to create a stand alone brand, brand strategy and a range of brand communications including, packaging design, an explainer animation video and a website. It was agreed that the website gave us an opportunity to tell their brand story and engage consumers in a unique way.

Values come first

Our initial work focussed on understanding the brand and the values at its core. This helps us to build up a picture of what kind of brand they are and what that may look like.

We established these values to be: earthy, handcrafted and sustainable.

These needed to be brought to the forefront of their brand, to demonstrate the natural ethos they have. They informed our entire project, from designing the new logo, creating the explainer animation and finally developing the website.

Hand-drawn to reflect the ethos

The brand ID mark/logo consists of hand-drawn and earthy, paper-like textures.


person drawing blue planet berry co logo on paper

Final logo:

blue planet berry co logo

blue planet berry co logo with parrot and bee

Some initial/other designs:

blue planet berry co alternative logos

blue planet berry co strawberry and blueberry designs


They are passionate about selling their British products, however, they are equally passionate about the importance of packaging too.

The packaging needed to be reflective of their values and showcase this quickly to customers. Featuring their logo, as well as important information about the packaging was key.

Some initial designs:

blue planet berry co initial packaging design

Final packaging:

blue planet berry co strawberry packaging

Telling their story

In order to tell their incredible story and journey so far, we created an explainer video.

The process of making the plant based packaging is very technical, so we needed to ensure this was shown in a captivating and easily understandable way so people would remain interested.


As a brand who are extremely passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the website needed to reflect this.

They weren’t looking for a ‘run of the mill’ website, but something engaging that would communicate their story and journey.

blue planet berry co website page

blue planet berry co website about page

Initially, the website was going to be one page, however, this soon developed into more and more pages. The explainer video features at the very top, instantly telling their captivating story, with other animations featuring throughout.

animation of deer and rabbit


The website not only helps to tell their story, but also acts as a core element of the sales dec when approaching retailers too.


Their Strawberries are stocked in many independent retailers and farm shops. With more products in the pipeline, they are looking to expand.

Bluestone360 were integral in the design, development and launch of ‘The Blue Planet Berry Company’ brand. Their friendly support throughout the journey, with clear communication and proactive problem resolution was greatly appreciated. Their expertise and positive attitude regardless of the challenges we faced, made for an enjoyable partnership. We are extremely proud of the brand we have created with Bluestone360 and we would highly recommend and endorse them to others.

Edward Palmer - Group Technical Director

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