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Dependent on independent funding, this independent charity which helps to support more than 2,000 people with life-limiting illnesses each year in the home, the community or its inpatient unit in Torquay, needed a redesign and build of a future-proof website to maximise income generation.

Mapping the user journey

The charity’s four goals were: maximise income generation opportunities; reinforce the Hospice’s position as an authority in end of life care; easy site navigation; and positioning as a caring organisation.

After researching the sector Rowcroft Hospice operated in and discussing the specification they needed, we set out to map the optimal user journeys and define the project scope.

Consultations were held with stakeholders, partners and the audience to determine exactly what was required before arriving at the website specification.

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Emotive stories to encourage donations

We streamlined user journeys, so visitors could find what they wanted with just a few clicks and created a highly-customised administration area which brought efficiencies to the organisation.

We positioned donation and lottery income streams prominently on the site and amalgamated multiple donation forms into one to simplify the process linked to a payment facility.

Emotive story-telling using rich media such as video was created to make an emotional impact and to encourage donations.

Brand awareness was built by making content more visual, more engaging, and more relatable to the audience.

After integrating the blog and social media functionality we trained staff in social media techniques to increase interactivity and extend reach. The services we provided for Rowcroft Hospice included website design and build, branding, strategy, SEO training, social media training, CMS training, Google Analytics event tracking, and payment gateway integration.

To read more about the Ray’s Appeal Campaign click here.

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Site traffic increased significantly

During the past year the number of visitors to the site has increased by 13.34%, with the new visitor total up by 12.20%.

The number of sessions has increased by more than one-fifth with page views up by nearly 30%.

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