We’ve been working in collaboration with the team over at Wild Card for over a year now on animations for Ginsters social media platforms.

These days, social media is more than just a pretty photo and a few hashtags. The challenge many brands face is grabbing the attention of followers quickly as the platforms get noisier and more saturated. Animation is a great way to cut through this noise, especially with Instagram’s introduction of Reels. Not only do animations help to capture attention quicker, but it also helps to bring the brand to life.

With a reputable brand, Ginsters needed to pair their delicious Cornish produce with more engaging content. The idea process is always a collaborative one — working closely with Wild Card PR generating ideas for Ginsters social media content, pitching our suggestions that are aligned with their overall strategy.


Photography plays a vital role in this too, showing off the ingredients and final product is important to communicate to Ginsters customers. We assist with art direction with Photographer Mags Gough. The global pandemic has not stopped us as we’re able to do photoshoots over Zoom. 

We have completed a variety of content, ranging from simple animations using a single photo combined with animated elements, to creating bespoke animations with unique photography, with a variety of different videos over each month. The results so far have been a success, with Ginsters looking to continue to grow their audience and tap into younger demographics. 


  • Social content has been collectively viewed more than 302 million times 
  • 30m engagements achieved across the campaign – and counting! 
  • Increased positive sentiment by 142%
  • Supported by 429 media insertions over nine months
  • Supporting growth as Ginsters continues to outperform the category 

Learn more about our Video and Animation services here.

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