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Established in 1887, TH March is one of the UK’s leading and trusted insurance companies. We have worked with them for more than 10 years producing social media campaigns and animated explainer videos to educate both consumers and jewellers.

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Building awareness through content

We have worked collaboratively with the TH March in-house marketing team to review and maximise the impact of their social media channels.



Our social media content strategy was designed to build awareness, educate potential policyholders, and help to move leads along the path to purchase by humanising the brand using emotional content instead of sales messages. We devised highly original content with eye-catching graphics and animated videos, bringing to life the emotional impact of losing a precious item such as an engagement ring.

Their social media journey was featured in an international event called Oracle Open World in San Francisco, USA. This event took place on the 22nd of September 2016.

They were featured on the Forbes website discussing the strategies we’ve been involved in working on closely with them, showcasing the great results on our user-generated content techniques. Article here:


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How video can educate retailers

In order to improve engagement and sales within jewellery retail outlets, we researched and developed a digital animated approach using explainer videos to clearly explain how to sell products inside jewellery stores across the UK.

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Online audience doubled

Social media statistics from 2016 across Facebook and Twitter:

New Followers

Bluestone360 work to understand your business and create solutions that are relevant and appropriate. They are also very good at responding quickly when the need arises.

Neil McFarlane - Managing Director T.H. March

Loving the videos – they are really good and what a great way to use the UGC that we have obtained. Well done to you and the team.

Brian - TH March

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