Plymouth Citybus wanted to launch an awareness campaign after the lockdown restrictions were lifted to encourage people to connect with their friends and family.

We worked with the client to devise a positive campaign that resonated with people’s emotions through quotes. This was when their Summer ‘Connect with Us’ campaign was born.

plymouth citybus connect with us campaign poster

Using a mixture of digital marketing mixed with traditional advertising, we created a series of character illustrations that we could utilise across multiple applications including videos & animations, posters, outside billboards and social media.

The campaign was featured throughout the city.

Plymouth Citybus Lift Adverts Connect with Us Drake Circus Mall
Plymouth Citybus Connect with Us campaign lift Drake Circus


Following the success of the Summer ‘Connect with Us’ campaign, the campaign was extended into the Christmas period. As with the Summer campaign, this featured video/animation, posters and social media assets.
Plymouth Citybus Connect with Us Christmas


To maximise the online presence of the Summer ‘Connect with Us’ campaign, Reach utilised digital adverts across Facebook and YouTube. A Plymouth Live article generated significantly more traffic to the Plymouth Citybus website throughout the time it was live.

Plymouth Live article views
Facebook and Instagram impressions

We used Bluestone to help bring our ideas to life. We wanted to create a campaign that would be eye catching and engaging, whether on a billboard, on board our buses or in the mall. The campaign went down really well, with thousands of view of our Youtube videos. This Christmas, Bluestone reimagined the ‘Connect with us’ campaign and changed it to ‘Connect with us this Christmas’ to encourage people to travel on our buses to do their Christmas shopping, visit the Panto or see the Christmas lights. It was a great campaign to remind people that we can take people to where they want to go.

Jess Bolt - Marketing Manager

The best thing about working with Bluestone360 is the high class of creative minds they are able to pull together when an innovative project kicks off.

Mark Collins - Head of Commercial & Marketing