SETAG are world leading design & refit specialists for Fairline, Sunseeker & Princess yachts. They are raising the concept of ‘refit’ to a new level of luxury. It’s not just luxury redefined – it is also luxury refitted and remastered by the original artists.

setag yacht detail after renovation


We were approached by Chris Gates, an individual that is well known globally in the luxury yacht world for over 30 years, primarily through his work with Princess Yachts. He had a new business idea that he felt would be sure to stir up interest and disrupt the refit sector and create a new business model.

His vision was to bring together a team that had designed and worked on many yachts over the years from the stables of Princess Yachts, Fairline and Sunseeker with unparalleled knowledge of the boats, both inside and out.

He asked us to bring their new innovative idea to life, positioning them to become world-leading experts in the industry. This involved advice and implementing the brand creation, brand strategy, website, and a marketing plan.


Before delving into the creative, we held a BrandDNA session with the whole team. This was crucial as going through this process identifies the brand values that underpin all the ongoing brand-related communications.

This is a crucial step as not only does this help us to create a brand look and feel that reflects the aspirations of the brand, but it also influences the team behaviours, even down to how the tradesmen represent the brand when working on board of a yacht.

The outcomes of Brand DNA then led to the creation of the Brand wheel, which in turn, led the creative.


We worked through many deep and meaningful name generation exercises and in the end the final most popular name was something a bit more abstract but subtle.

setag yachts logo

The name ‘SETAG’ comes from the owner, Chris Gates, surname ‘Gates’. It fits the brand on multiple levels with a subtle tie to the sea.

setag yachts logo and id mark

The brand ID mark has points of a compass involved. Again, a subtle and sophisticated link to the yachting industry.


We developed a brand strategy, which included how the brand would look and feel across both print and digital platforms. It also informed key messaging across various channels in relation to the identified audiences.

setag yachts luxury business cards
setag yachts banner flag
setag yachts id card

The brand ID mark is used across many of the materials on board the yachts they refit.

setag yacht logo on yacht
setag yacht logo on mattress
setag yacht logo on seat sunset
setag yacht detail on seats front of yacht


As a luxury brand, the website needed to match.

We kept it sleek whilst also ensuring that it was informative and demonstrates the value that they can offer to their target audience.

setag yachts website

Using video and large banner images really helps to showcase the high-quality work they produce.

setag yachts mobile phone website


As a new brand, a pre-launch and launch campaign was identified in order to maximise impact. This included researching and identifying audience personas, platform specific research and developing an advertising strategy.

Using the new branding, we created graphics to roll out across all platforms along with key messages.

setag yachts instagram


Just 6 months after launching, Setag Yachts have:

  • Featured on popular YouTube channel AQUAHOLIC multiple times
  • Attended two UK boat shows including Southampton International Boat show – Britain’s biggest festival of boating
  • Created an orderbook over £1.5 million
  • 6 million collective brand impressions since launch within a relevant audience
setag yachts southampton boat show
setag yachts clothing logo
setag yachts advert
Gained over
new followers
refit jobs
Achieved over
conversion rate

Coming from a world-leading business with what felt like unlimited resources, it was critical in this start-up to find a company (Bluestone360) that understood the detail and importance of creating a brand from new, that has all the strengths for long-term brand positioning – along with the necessary impetus to create short term business success. I believe strongly that the team at Bluestone360 have played a very active role in guiding us along an exciting journey, and importantly feel part of the SETAG family in ensuring we reach our long-term objectives.

Chris Gates - CEO, Setag Yachts