Brand strategy is key

According to a range of recent white papers and research documents, brand strategy was seen as one of the highest priority marketing activities in 2020 (and we would argue for all time!).

Creating positive interactions with your brand is proving to outweigh any other advantage. Research shows the key measurable factors to drive brand success are:

  • Strong presence of mind in consumers
  • Adding value to their lives
  • Emotional buy in
  • Stand out from competitors

So then, how do you build a brand strategy that can deliver on these recognised factors for success? How do you enable your brand to be resilient to change and cut through the noise? How do you create real and meaningful engagement with your audience?

Our Brand Performance Check will show how prepared and strong your brand is. Working with you, we will review what you’ve done and what you’re currently doing. We will see how suitable it is for today’s market, relative to your objectives.

The content within the Brand Performance Check links directly to the key measurable factors that help to drive brand success.

So, what does the Brand Performance Check include? What is it?

We will go through a series of questions and where appropriate, discuss our findings with you. In our final report, we will highlight areas of activity that are strong and activity that requires ‘more energy’. We will produce a list of key activities to improve the health of your brand to meet your objectives and succeed.

brand performance check

Research & Insights

To begin with, we will uncover what research you have and what key insights are informing your decision making.

For example, have you carried out a competitor analysis? A social media competitor analysis? Do you have qual/quant research? Have you undertaken stakeholder interviews? Have you analysed key insights? What consumer research do you have?


When it comes to the brand aspect of the Performance check, this is where we get even more excited. We know it is a crucial part of the health of your brand. It is the heart and soul.

We can determine if you have clear brand values and brand ethos and if they’re playing a part of the daily company culture.

Some topics we will cover: Do you have a BrandDNA, brand key or brand wheel? Are your brand guidelines up to date? Is your marketing consistent with the behaviour of your team?


Quite often, we see that brands and businesses of all sizes do not have a clear strategy or plan of action. Sometimes, they may not even understand what they’re trying to achieve. So it’s not that you’re not succeeding, it’s that you’re not clear on where to go and how to get there.

Some questions we will look to cover: Do you have a business plan? What does your sales plan look like? Is your brand strategy up to date, if you have one? Do you have clear KPIs? Have you defined clear audience profiles/personas?

There’s a lot to think about, and it all ties into building a brand that is set up to succeed and sustain the test of time.

Brand Touch Points

The Performance Check would not be complete without reviewing all brand touch points, including the website and your online reach. As the centre of your digital strategy, we will review how your website performs and how it relates to the marketing and business plan.

We will also review brand propositions, brand positioning and brand architecture. We will also look at sub-brands if needed.

Your brand story is imperative to consider. Brand behaviours are important too, including staff development.

Of course, social media strategy and implementation is important. Measures and objectives will be looked at as this is a big part of how your brand is perceived by your customers.

Consideration is also given to customer experience, customer journeys and experiential marketing that will support how well the brand is relating to its consumers and customers.

Printed materials are also included within the Performance Check, so things like POS and packaging.


After we review everything, we will provide a report with clear areas of activity for consideration. Due to the nature of the report, there will be dialogue and discussion with our team.

It’s free and you have no-obligation to follow through with any of the work. But, of course, you can contact us for further information and support.

So, do you want to know how well your your brand is performing?

Take our free Brand Performance Check today

You can email our Managing Director, Steve Kyffin, if you have any questions:

I couldn’t be more impressed with what you have all created. This is beyond “wow” and is everything that I hoped it would be. Brilliant. Thank you all.

With a relationship lasting over 20 years involving four separate major rebrands, I couldn’t imagine working with another agency.

Chris Ormrod - The Flavourworks

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