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A fast-growing convenience food company run by two brothers that marries the vibrancy of street food with a handheld snack. We’ve been on a journey with them since 2015, helping them evolve and achieve domination in the growing Food-to-go UK market. With an authentic product in hand, they needed a new brand name, website, a new visual language and a social media strategy that would communicate their passion for world flavours and convenience foods.

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Setting the tone of voice

Jake and Naynesh are passionate about their product and despite other options for the brand name, research indicated it would be beneficial to personalise it and bring the owners to the forefront. The product range needed to stand out in a tough market dominated by busy people who have little time to spend on decision-making. Market research revealed the trends in the current Food-2-Go market and from there we determined the personal tone of voice and imaging for the brand.

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Innovative packaging


With the name ‘Jake & Nayns’ chosen, we developed unique packaging designs to reinforce the provenance of the product. A see-through window in the wrapper tempts the buyer with a glimpse of the authenticity of the food. Since its relaunch, the new designs are responsible for a 15-20% increase in sales.

 naansters flat lay jake and nayns

Recently, they have added a new limited edition Naanster to their range, the Naga Chilli Naanster. The brief was to make it scream HOT. After doing our market research and looking at what we did for their other products, we got cracking.

The design has been brought more in line with the burrito packs, using bright pantones to make the colours pop on shelf.

jake and nayns naga chilli naanster

naga chilli naanster food packaging


With just one successful product line for many years, the Naanster was soon not to be the only one. Burritos and Samosas were soon being cooked up in the kitchens of Jake & Nayns’ HQ, whilst we were busy designing the new product packaging.

The Samosa packaging takes a similar approach to that of the Naansters, with the product being displayed via a see-through window. Again, this helps to emphasise the authenticity of the product.

jake and nayns samosas product packaging photoshoot


For their Burrito line, we created vibrant packs that jump off the shelves with bright colours and Mexican cues. While many other products on the market use neutral or white packaging, for the Burritos we opted for something different with a charcoal black.

jake and nayns bbq pork burrito photoshoot


A website to match

We brought the brand to life with a website that will be scalable as the business expands and art directed photoshoots to emphasise the authenticity of the product and visually reflect the exciting flavours and ingredients.

jake and nayns website iphone imac and ipad

For exterior marketing, we designed artwork for a van so that they could attend food and student events and spread more awareness whilst out on the road.


Tasty social media

We focused the social media on the human dimension of the brand as well as the product being honest and authentic. We’ve adapted this strategy as the brand continued to evolve.

jake and nayns instagram on iphone

More engagement

Earlier this year the products were listed in Sainsburys and Nisa and more recently in Spar, Budgens and Londis stores across the UK.

Social media statistics from January 2018-April 2019 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

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It’s been an amazing journey working with you guys and we could not have picked a better agency to trust our brand development to. Well done and thanks guys.

Jake Karia - Managing Director, Jake & Nayns'

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