Over the last 32 years, we have really come to understand what drives a successful brand. We’ve worked with well known national brands, startups and exciting challenger brands.


Working in collaboration with you we help bring your brand to life, understand and engage with customers and consumers, and ultimately drive sales and growth.

Brand isn’t just about a beautiful logo or a well-designed website. It’s your mission, your values, your story. It’s everything. It’s you, your audience, your customers, your employees. And it’s completely unique, breathing life into your business. We see it as your soul or personality and without a strong brand, a business can be invisible and uninteresting.

Providing your audience with a positive customer experience and interactions with your brand have been proven to outweigh virtually any other advantage. Once established, these can be highly resistant to change. Healthy brands prove resilient to extreme stress.

In order to deliver and see brand success we understand the key metrics that underpin all our brand work from strategy, marketing to creative and digital.

Brand Awareness

Creating a presence in the minds of consumers.

Brand Value

Understand and maximise that value to consumers in their lives.

Brand Emotion

Creating a powerful emotional attachment to the brand for consumers.

Brand Consistency

Maintain consistency of expression that is proven to engage.

Brand Differentiation

Create a meaningful difference from competitors whilst meeting consumer needs in ways that stand out.



If you have not yet already done so, we’ll help discover and articulate your core values. Using our knowledge and expertise we will position and align your brand with a clear sense of purpose that will excite your teams and ultimately excite and engage with your customers.

We will be your fiercely loyal brand guardians.


“A huge thank you to everyone at bluestone who has worked so hard and so passionately on the brand during my tenure.
You are a brilliant agency and one I’m sure I’ll work with again in the future.”

Linda Evans - Ginsters


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